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Dongguan Jijia Decoration Materials Co., Ltd. brings together a variety of decorative materials in different regions and styles. Customers can purchase brand wallpaper, wall coverings, wall paintings, carpets, wooden floors, rubber flooring, bamboo flooring and various waterproof pads. There is a large-scale specialty store, which provides great convenience for your design, purchase and sale.

According to the constant innovation and enterprising market, we are committed to product development, paying attention to product structure adjustment, adhering to innovation, constantly updating, and establishing good cooperative relations with domestic and foreign manufacturers. Products focus on fashion, environmental protection, durability, fashion trends and the world. Synchronize to create the characteristics of the brand professional to meet the needs of different levels.

Companies adhering to the "integrity, pragmatic, cooperative, innovative" business philosophy. We will do our utmost to provide high-quality, value-added products and services to our customers, build harmony, achieve value sharing, achieve win-win results, join hands in creating brilliance, and establish long-term cooperative relationships.

Welcome customers from all walks of life to come and negotiate, customers are our survival, we will provide customers with the products they need, warm service, work together with customers, establish long-term cooperation, and jointly create a beautiful Decorative environment.