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[Jijia] Why is wallpaper still the first choice for decoration?

Announcer:JiJia  Date:2018/10/29 17:15:59  Views:460

  At present, there are many ways to decorate the wall at home, but due to the many advantages of wallpaper, it is still the first choice for decoration!




1. Anti-cracking: The wall surface of the latex paint is usually cracked for about two years, especially in some dry cities in the north, and the wallpaper is not likely to crack the wall unless the wall is overall. Cracked.

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2. Scrub resistance: no matter whether the scrubbed latex paint wall surface can not be cleaned with a wet towel, the paper-based vinyl film wallpaper can be cleaned with a washing spirit, soft brush, etc. due to the waterproof film on the surface. Very convenient.

Tip: Many people will worry that this waterproof wallpaper will be “impermeable”. In fact, this is a big misunderstanding in the current understanding of wallpaper. It is used by some other purposeless businesses to attack paper-based vinyl film wallpaper. means. First of all, the wall is not breathable. In fact, if the wall is breathable, the helium in the building wall material will slowly spread to the living room. Earthworm is a colorless and odorless natural radioactive gas that quickly becomes a radioactive isotope radium when inhaled into the human body, causing cancer. One-fifth of the world's lung cancer patients are associated with indoor radon pollution. Helium often enters the living room from contaminated atmosphere as well as concrete, stones, paint, bricks, paint, and the like. Obviously, a closed-closed wallpaper can block the emission of radon. Besides, the air in the room is ventilated by ventilation, not by the wall, so the ventilation of the wall will not affect the indoor air.




3. Strong coverage: for walls that are not particularly flat, even those with small cracks have a certain coverage.

4. Long-lasting color: Generally, the color of the wall of the dark latex paint will change greatly after one or two years, but the paper-based vinyl film wallpaper has strong antioxidant power and the color is not easy to fade.

5. Not easy to damage: Under normal impact, the wallpaper is not easily damaged, unlike the ordinary latex paint wall is easy to bump off the skin. In addition, if there are children in the family, the children like to graffiti on the wall, sticky stickers, wallpaper wall is not afraid. Generally, water-based markers can be easily removed, and the stickers can be easily removed. Even if you accidentally break the wallpaper, it is very easy to repair. Just cut the broken part of the original wall with a knife, and then put the wallpaper head left in the decoration, and paste the same size block on the good pattern. The wall is fine. As long as careful operation, after the general repair, standing a meter away is completely invisible.




6. Easy to replace: If you need to update the wallpaper, simply peel off the corner of the old wallpaper and peel off the paper. Leave the paper base on the wall. If the paper base is firmly bonded to the wall, the new wallpaper can be attached directly to it. Generally, merchants who sell wallpapers will provide professional construction. A flat of more than 100 square meters will be replaced in half a day, and the replacement of wallpaper will not affect the residence.

Tip: Everyone has a misunderstanding about wallpaper, that is, many people think that the wallpaper is not durable, in fact, the wallpaper is much more durable than the latex paint. The wallpaper is not easy to crack, it is not easy to fade, it is not easy to damage, obviously it will be more durable. Many people will ask if the wallpaper will fall off in a few years.

In fact, as long as the construction is correct, the wallpaper will not fall after the wall. So why do many people think that wallpapers are not durable? It is because of the easy replacement of wallpapers that many families who choose wallpapers will change their wallpapers in a year or two (especially for many foreign families, they will go to Christmas and other holidays). The whole family started to change the wallpaper together, so many people mistakenly think that the wallpaper is not durable. In fact, I often change the wallpaper, I can change my mood, and the second is a kind of entertainment that can be participated by the whole family.

7. The decoration effect is strong: the wallpaper is rich in color, and it is also equipped with different texture patterns, and the decoration effect is very good. And the general imported brand wallpapers also have senior designers to design different style wallpapers according to the bedroom, living room, dining room, children's room, etc. (these wallpapers used in different rooms are generally in the corresponding classification samples, convenient for everyone. Choice. For example, there will be a children's room wallpaper version, kitchen, restaurant version, etc. under one brand, there will be hundreds of different colors to choose from in each version). The patterns, colors and textures of these wallpapers are perfectly matched. We just choose to paste them in our home and the effect will come out. It is equivalent to designing the wall of your home by a real senior professional designer. And the wallpapers are thousands of colors, rarely repeating with others, and let you have one of the most personal homes.




The style of the wallpaper is ever-changing. When it comes to wallpaper, many people always think that the wallpapers are all flowers and look dizzy. This is mainly because the wallpapers that everyone sees are mostly karaoke, restaurants and other places of engineering wallpaper, so the colors are more exaggerated, in fact, wallpapers. Many of them are very elegant. In particular, some wallpapers in Korea and Japan emphasize the texture of the wallpaper, the eyes are very light, and the wall is very elegant. Different countries have different styles of wallpapers. Generally speaking, Korean wallpapers are more suitable for modern and simple styles; American and Canadian wallpapers are suitable for American and country styles; Japanese wallpapers are suitable for sweet and warm styles; Italian and Belgian wallpapers are suitable for beautiful and luxurious decoration. Style and more.

When choosing wallpapers, although the different rooms are different in color, it is necessary to grasp the overall style and try to be unified. This is the same as the overall decoration style. It cannot be said that one room is designed as European classical and another room design. Into modern simplicity, this will not produce the overall effect.