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Functional wallpaper paving healthy living

Announcer:JiJia  Date:2018/10/29 17:14:18  Views:434

In addition to formaldehyde wallpaper to assist indoor air purification

Formaldehyde is a natural enemy in the home improvement. Consumers try to avoid the harm of formaldehyde in the purchase of materials. The merchants have been working on the decoration of formaldehyde removal, and the formaldehyde wallpaper is also in the craze of this green home decoration. A new form of wallpaper.

In addition to formaldehyde wallpaper works

The working principle of formaldehyde wallpaper is similar to that of formaldehyde-resistant paint. It mainly uses nano-photocatalytic degradation of formaldehyde. After absorbing free formaldehyde molecules, the wallpaper generates redox reaction under the action of nano-photocatalyst to promote the degradation of formaldehyde molecules. Achieve the purpose of removing formaldehyde.

In addition, some wallpapers will also add bamboo charcoal fiber to reduce the indoor formaldehyde content by adsorption.

What is the effect of formaldehyde wallpaper?

In addition to the principle of formaldehyde wallpaper, how many functions in real life? The amount of substances in the wallpaper that can help formaldehyde degradation is limited. After a period of reaction, it will be in a saturated stage, so the formaldehyde wallpaper is not in the interior decoration. It is effective in the medium and long term, and the bamboo charcoal adsorption type wallpaper is more so, only adsorbing and not decomposing. The formaldehyde molecules may be slowly released again after the surface of the bamboo charcoal is saturated, causing secondary pollution in the room.

In addition to the purchase of formaldehyde wallpaper

In addition to formaldehyde wallpaper, although it is a sales concept of the merchant to a certain extent, but the same can play a certain environmental protection role in the interior, the various principles, methods and quality of the market in addition to formaldehyde wallpaper mixed, at the time of purchase, consumers still Need to take the big brand as the priority, but also to choose the product from the aldehyde removal principle of wallpaper, the decomposition is better than the adsorption, avoiding being blinded only by the name of the product.

Negative ion wallpaper creates a pleasant space

With the rapid development of fast-paced life in the city, modern people's life is increasingly lacking in contact with nature. After going home every day, how to quickly relieve the mental fatigue of the day becomes a problem, and the negative ion wallpaper is based on this. One of the products launched on the market brings a "slow life" to people in the city.

What is negative ion?

The presence of a single negative ion in the air is extremely short, but it can bring a lot of positive stimulation to the human body. The negative ion particles can increase the oxygen content in the blood, which is beneficial to the transportation, absorption and utilization of blood, promote the metabolism of the human body, and improve at the same time. The body's immunity. Negative ions have a significant positive effect on the nervous system, cardiovascular system and respiratory system, so they have become "air vitamins".

Negative ion wallpaper principle

Negative ion wallpaper mainly adds natural ore components in the middle of the wallpaper. The natural ore has a strong ability to release negative ions. Compared with ordinary wallpapers, it can greatly enhance the negative ion content in the room, help stimulate the nervous system and bring a comfortable space feeling. .

Other functional wallpapers create environmental protection and create romance

In addition to the mainstream anti-formaldehyde and negative ion wallpapers, other functional wallpapers with different principles have also been welcomed by many consumers. Some of them can help indoor air purification, while others can bring beautiful interior decoration effects.

Diatom mud wallpaper

Diatom mud is a wall material that has become more and more popular with the demand of modern home decoration. It is made of diatomaceous earth and can replace wallpaper and latex paint by itself. Interior decoration.

Environmental principle of diatom mud

Diatomaceous earth is an aquatic plankton that lived millions of years ago. Its post-mortem sediments change with long-term geological changes and become diatomaceous earth after artificial crushing. The diatom mud itself has numerous micropores, which can play a good role in fire retardant, humidity regulation, sound absorption and noise reduction and air purification.

The addition of diatom mud elements to the wallpaper further enhances the environmental protection of the wallpaper itself. Generally, the diatom mud wallpapers are blended with five-level pigments, and the color is soft, which can slow down the reflection of the wall and help the protection of vision, diatom In addition to the environmental protection ability of the diatom mud itself, the mud wallpaper also makes up for the shortcomings of the diatom mud itself without much decorative effect, giving the room a better visual effect.

Light storage wallpaper

Light-storing wallpaper can also be said to be a functional wallpaper full of romantic feelings. The paper is embedded with lacquered strips on the paper surface, which absorbs some of the light energy and stores it when there is light. When the outside world is dark, it can release the stored energy and display charming colors and patterns after the lights are turned off.

Xiao Bian Comments: Functional wallpaper is different from traditional wallpaper materials. It can bring more positive effects to life and use in addition to its own low pollution. However, when various wallpaper concepts are emerging, we also need to be clear. Distinguish the purification principle of different products and avoid selecting products that only have the effect of steamed bread.