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Buy wallpaper should be heavy quality

Announcer:JiJia  Date:2018/10/29 17:08:43  Views:281

Nowadays, the wallpaper is the first choice for many home decoration because of its beautiful appearance, convenient decoration and so on. However, there are many brands of wallpapers on the market, and many categories such as “black carbon wallpaper, breathable wallpaper, green wallpaper” make it difficult for the public to choose. The reporter visited and found that the price of many wallpapers in the market is very different. The difference between imported wallpaper and domestic wallpaper is more than 10 times. In addition, the situation of shoddy and domestically-sold foreign goods is also common. In this regard, industry insiders reminded that when selecting wallpapers, you should carefully identify the real imported brands, not the more expensive the better.

Where are the imported products expensive?

Recently, the reporter visited a number of home stores in the city and found that there are many wallpaper brands on the market. The prices of domestic brands range from tens of yuan to hundreds of yuan, and many imported brands cost as much as 1,000 yuan - 2000 yuan / volume. And a roll of wallpaper can usually only be laid 5 square meters of space. Although imported wallpapers are expensive, sales people generally point out that citizens now prefer to import imported wallpapers because of their bright colors and better mold resistance. "The choice of wallpaper is generally a young family. Generally, there are not many large-area or overall wallpapers. It is only used to decorate the wall of a bedroom or a TV background wall. Therefore, it will choose imported wallpaper with a slightly higher price and better quality. ”

However, the reporter found that imported wallpapers have an amazing price difference in the domestic and foreign markets. A famous German brand wallpaper searched on the Amazon website for a price of 20 euros, equivalent to less than 200 yuan. Even with the cost of freight and labor, it does not reach the price of one thousand yuan in China. Also in some stores, the same brand of imported wallpaper, there are also the difference from tens of dollars to hundreds of dollars.

So where is the imported wallpaper? An industry insider said: "Now the rent and labor costs are very high, and we need to keep some low-priced products to attract customers, so we have to add prices to imported wallpaper products; plus from abroad In the process of importing, there are many uncertain factors in the process. When the taxes are added up, the price will go up."

Brand quality is mixed

The reporter learned that many of the products on the market that are known as imported wallpapers are actually fake foreign goods. Some wallpaper stores also operate imported and domestic wallpapers. Many domestic wallpapers do not have a few Chinese characters on the outer packaging, but they are printed with foreign trademarks of the bull's head. It is easy to think that it is imported products.

"The real profit of imported goods is indeed relatively high, but there are also many merchants that sell domestically produced products." According to professionals, "one is that small manufacturers print their own English outer packaging and start an English name brand. As a foreign wallpaper sales; one is indeed an imported brand, but in the domestic OEM production, the raw materials are made in China."

Subsequently, the reporter consulted the sales staff of a wallpaper store in Xinhua South Road. She suggested that the purchase of wallpaper by the public is not the more expensive the price, the better the quality, and it is not necessary to stick to the import or domestic production. Identify the quality of the wallpaper from the pattern, color, hand touch, number of the wallpaper, etc. At the same time, we must pay attention to the introduction of wallpaper packaging, if it is imported products, you can check whether there is this product according to the above English identification.

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How to choose wallpaper

1. Take a look at the surface of the wallpaper for chromatic aberrations, wrinkles and bubbles. Whether the pattern of the wallpaper is clear and the color is uniform, consumers should choose a wallpaper with a better finish;

2. You can touch the wallpaper by hand. Whether the thickness of the paper is the same or not, the product with good feel and strong feeling should be the first object to be considered. You can also cut a piece of wallpaper and wipe the paper with a damp cloth to see if there is any bleaching. phenomenon;

3. When purchasing wallpaper, it is necessary to see whether the number and lot number of the purchased wallpaper are the same, because some wallpapers are the same number, but due to different production dates, the color may have subtle differences, and the batch number on each roll of wallpaper That means the same color, so you should avoid the inconsistency of the wallpaper color, affecting the decorative effect;

4. Smell it should have no pungent odor, and also check the environmental performance of the glue.