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What are the beautification effects of wallpaper on the interior?

Announcer:JiJia  Date:2018/10/29 17:02:44  Views:522

First of all, the wall is not breathable. In fact, if the wall is breathable, the helium in the building wall material will slowly spread to the living room. Earthworm is a colorless and odorless natural radioactive gas that quickly becomes a radioactive isotope radium when inhaled into the human body, causing cancer. One-fifth of the world's lung cancer patients are associated with indoor radon pollution. Helium often enters the living room from contaminated atmosphere as well as concrete, stones, paint, bricks, paint, and the like. Obviously, a closed-closed wallpaper can block the emission of radon. In addition, the ventilation in the room relies on the ventilation of the window, rather than the ventilation of the wall, so the ventilation of the wall will not affect the indoor air.

And whether latex paint is breathable, everyone knows that before using latex paint, the primer should be used to paint the wall. What is the role of the primer? It is actually “closed, isolated, moisture-proof and mildew-proof”, that is, the bottom of the brush. Paint should strive to prevent the wall from being breathable, so as to prevent the latex paint from becoming moldy.

In addition, there are some pure paper wallpapers that promote the wallpaper that they will breathe. In fact, it is also nonsense, because the base film must be brushed before the wallpaper is attached. The function of the base film is also to close the wall surface. Therefore, regardless of the wall surface Whether it is a pure paper wallpaper or a waterproof wallpaper, or a latex paint, the qualified walls are airtight.