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Six points that are most easily overlooked when wallpapers are wholesale

Announcer:JiJia  Date:2018/10/29 16:57:59  Views:359

Wallpapers, also known as wallpapers, are the darlings of the soft home improvement market in recent years, especially European wallpapers and Chinese wallpapers are leading the trend. This provides a peak period for the wholesale of wallpaper manufacturers, merchants often ignore the six points when the wallpaper wholesale, together to see if you have any tricks.

The first point: it is not enough to care about the material but work hard on the suit. The number of PVC wallpapers in the wallpaper is the most, the cost is very low, but the price is very high, so it can be drastic when bargaining.

The second point: to understand the degree of monopoly. Nowadays, the phenomenon that many samples are repeatedly sold at various stores is very common. Therefore, when shopping wallpapers, you should not only look at the scale but also pay attention to what their main products are.

The third point: I don't know how to test environmental performance. It can be tested by burning a sample. Inferior wallpaper has a very good taste of printing ink.

The fourth point: it is necessary to investigate some of the purchased brands in advance. There are so many companies in this industry that it is necessary to do homework beforehand.

The fifth point: pay attention to the service life of the wallpaper. Because only consumers are comfortable, your products can sell as much as possible.

Sixth point: You can properly understand the professional construction knowledge so that you can provide some necessary suggestions for consumers in the future.