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National wallpaper brand strategy needs to consider changes in consumer demand

Announcer:JiJia  Date:2018/10/29 16:51:05  Views:573

At present, it can be said that the era of information explosion, coupled with the development of the wallpaper industry has gradually matured, the competition between wallpaper brands has become increasingly fierce, especially the current wallpaper brand crisis is also a problem faced by many small and medium-sized wallpaper companies, wallpaper enterprises It is also necessary to strengthen its own brand crisis management and follow the wave of informationization to strengthen the brand image.

Consumer tastes are changing

“Previously, the price may be the first place for many consumers to pay attention to. But now, the trend of consumers’ rational consumption is becoming more and more obvious. Although they are also concerned about the price, they will also pay attention to the promotion, but they will not choose the wallpaper simply because of the price. Brand, more important is to analyze the price/performance ratio." A wallpaper brand leader said.

In recent years, the increasingly fierce competition in the wallpaper market has become an indisputable fact. For this, most wallpaper companies perceive the cold current invasion, and find a new way to become the focus of the wallpaper business. Looking back on the development of the wallpaper industry, consumers may pay more attention to wallpaper prices a few years ago, but in the past two years, with the strengthening of wallpaper brand marketing advertising, the price system has become more transparent and the owner's decoration awareness has been continuously enhanced, and consumers are spending at home. More popular is the price/performance ratio of a wallpaper product.

Wallpaper brand marketing shift

Today, consumers are not only looking at prices, but also focusing on environmental factors. For example, many consumers are concerned with the level of wallpaper design, health and environmental protection, and some consumers even begin to pay attention to the service experience in the entire home improvement process. Changes in consumers will directly lead to the shift of the focus of wallpaper brand marketing.

Indeed, consumer awareness has increased, such as the collection of design fees, most consumers are recognized or accepted, consumers are more willing to pursue design changes in life. For the choice of wallpaper brands, consumers are more clear, or more targeted. In this case, the low price is no longer the deciding factor of the consumer, but whether the price offered by the wallpaper brand can satisfy the consumer's requirements for design, engineering or consumer psychology.

In short, as the consumer's rational consumption trend becomes more and more obvious, this change will also directly affect the consumer's service concept. In the past, the wallpaper brand “striking the scale” and “playing the price war” have been difficult to meet the fierce market competition demand. Therefore, the current wallpaper brand should begin to attach importance to the value-added service of consumers, and strive to establish a better reputation and brand image among consumers. Practice the internal strength of the wallpaper enterprise, strive to improve the core competitiveness, and improve the service system so that it will not be eliminated.